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Long-nosed grenadier Coelorhynchus carminatus (Goode) 1880

[Jordan and Evermann, 1896-1900, p. 2588.]

Long-nosed grenadier (Coelorhynchus carminatus)

Figure 121.—Long-nosed grenadier (Coelorhynchus carminatus), continential slope off Marthas Vineyard. From Goode and Bean. Drawing by H. L. Todd.


This species resembles the common grenadier (p. 243) so closely in its general appearance that there is danger of mistaking it for the latter; but it is identifiable by the facts that its dorsal spine is perfectly smooth and that its first dorsal fin is rounded instead of triangular; and that its snout not only overhangs the mouth slightly farther, but is thinner tipped.[11]

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Described as silvery gray.


About 10 inches long.

General range and occurrence in the Gulf of Maine—

This deep-water ground fish has been taken at many localities off the American coast from the West Indies and Gulf of Mexico northward along the continental slope to abreast of southern Nova Scotia, in depths of 104 to 464 fathoms. It is included here because it has been recorded once off Nantucket in 148 fathoms.

[11] Commonly described as "sturgeon-like," but this characterization applies better to other members of the genus which have still longer snouts.