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      Sediment Reports
Freshwater Sediment Contamination in the Vicinity of Merrymeeting Bay: Analysis of Sediment Chemistry Data. Final Report (pdf: File Size: 281 KB)
Applied Biomonitoring
Kirkland, WA
Date: Feb. 27, 2005

Rawdata (excel spreadsheets)
Key: AR=Androscoggin River; KR=Kennebec River; AB=Abbagadassett River; MR=Muddy River; WC=Whiskeag Creek; SI=Swan Island
Dioxins and Furans (24 KB), PCB's (16 KB), Metals (8 KB), ERL's & ERM's (20 KB), Pesticides (48 KB)

Merrymeeting Bay: An Assessment of Pollution Levels and Sources (web page)
Michael Andrew Chilcote & Michael Robert Waterfield
Bowdoin College, Brunswick, ME
Date: May 13, 1995
Spatial and Temporal Aspects of Sedimentary Contaminant Concentrations in the Tidal Portions of the Kennebec/Androscoggin River System (pdf: File size: 192 KB)
Peter Foster Larsen, Bigelow Laboratory for Ocean Sciences
Henri E. Gaudette, University of New Hampshire
Date: April 2002
Distribution and transport of sedimentary trace metals in the tidal portions of the Kennebec/Androscoggin River system, Maine, USA (pdf: File size: 1.5 MB)
Peter Foster Larsen & Henri E. Gaudette. Marine Pollution Bulletin 2010
Reproduced under license from Elsevier

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