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Friends of Merrymeeting Bay Cybrary (Cyber-Library)

In which we will collect publications, documents, and other materials pertinent to Merrymeeting Bay, especially ones which might not be otherwise readily available.

Information on this page is divided into the general sections outlined below.
Click on a subject area, or scroll through the listings. Entries are alphabetical within subject area.

Fish, Wildlife, Plants & Habitat

Hydrology, Geology,etc
Legal Documents & Petitions
Resource Management and Planning

  • Swan Island

  • U.S. Gulf of Maine Habitat Restoration and Conservation Plan (pdf file 1.1 MB)
    A Needs Assessment for Maine, New Hampshire, and Massachusetts

  • 20091231-finalreport.pdf (pdf file 837 KB)
    Final Report of the Ocean Energy Task Force
    to Governor John E. Baldacci
    December 2009

  • Toxins, Pollution, & Water Quality

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